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                            BUY - SELL - TRADE

                            I set up every Sunday (except for rainouts) between April 1 and Nov. 1 at Rietta Fleamarket (Their website is ), on Route 68, Hubbardston, MA. I am in the first row of dealers at the main entrance to the large outdoor section, with a white van. Besides other collectibles, I bring view postcards of New England states and topical cards. Other states or foreign view cards brought only by pre - arrangement.

                            I also set up in Brimfield (with ALL of my cards) at J & J Promotions (open Fri. and Sat. only) at only the May and July shows, usually near the back rows.

                            I do a lot of small once - a - year fleas, on Saturdays, some of which don't keep a consistent date. They are all in central New England (MA, VT, NH).

                            REGULAR POSTCARD SHOW SCHEDULE - 2013

                            3/30/2013 - Spencer, MA - Greater Worcester Postcard Show - Knights of Columbus Hall - 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

                            4/20/2013 - Greenfield MA - Greenfield Classic Postcard Show - 1st Congregational Church - 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

                            11/2/2013 - South Barre MA - Central Mass. Postcard Club Show - Barre Legion Post #2 - 10 am - 4 pm (Members at 9AM)

                            I also normally set up at the two Granite State Postcard Shows in Brookline, NH, when they are on a Saturday.

                            If you use this advertisment, and find it usefull, please tell J. R. that you saw this on Stan's website at www.seocom.com

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                            Please be aware, the items for sale on these pages are mine, not J. R.'s.