Stan Olszewski

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                  Fire and Life Safety Consultant

                  Independent Fire and Life Safety Code Consultant available in the following specialties:

                  Available in all arenas, such as Commercial, Residential, and Industrial settings.

                  Should you also need assistance in any other related matters, please contact me.


                  Education / Certification:


                  $125 per hour for all listed services
                  Travel to and from your location figured at 1/2 the regular hourly rate.
                  Minimum Charge: $250

                  Contact: (with request type in subject line, ie: Public Fire Education)

                  Contact Me

                  For bid requests, and all other written corresponence:

                  Stan Olszewski
                  142 Mead Avenue
                  Byram, CT 06830-6845

                  Affiliated with

                  "The only good fire is the fire that has been prevented!"

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