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                                    Seocom Enterprises Unlimited LLC
                                    Stan Olszewski, Byram, Connecticut - Contact Me
                                    Select Postcard Collecting Books & Price Guides For Sale

                                    More To Come Soon!!!

                                    For a wide range of an ever changing selection of all types of discounted books and other items from Krause Books, please visit:
                                    Dee Dee's Delightfully Discounted Krause Books For Sale

                                    Now available through Seocom Enterprises Unlimited LLC
                                    Picture Postcards in the United States 1893 - 1918 By George and Dorthy Miller

                                    Overall fine condition - W/paper dust jacket and plastic book cover

                                    Price: $89.00

                                    Click Image For Details And Order Page
                                    This is the bible of postcard collecting, detailing the history of the development of postcards in America. Listing every type of postcard printed between 1893 and 1918. A must for the serious and the 'would be' collector, as well as an asset to the student of American history and folk art.
                                    As Each Different Table Shown Below Are Separate Offerings From Different Booksellers, Shipping Cannot Be Combined Between Different Booksellers
                                    General Postcard Books
                                    These Books Are Offered Through Powells Booksellers
                                    Who Buys & Sells New, Used, And Out Of Print Books
                                    Please Click On The Book For The Latest Up To Date Pricing & Product Availability

                                    by Donald Preziosi
                                    ISBN13: 9780764326103
                                    ISBN10: 0764326104

                                    by Alphonse Mari Mucha
                                    ISBN13: 9780486250809
                                    ISBN10: 0486250806

                                    by Thomas Kramer
                                    ISBN13: 9783858817136
                                    ISBN10: 3858817139

                                    by Jack H Smith
                                    ISBN13: 9781879511439
                                    ISBN10: 1879511436

                                    by Pam Apkarian Russell
                                    ISBN13: 9781888054545
                                    ISBN10: 1888054549

                                    by Lucasfilm Ltd
                                    ISBN13: 9780811867290
                                    ISBN10: 0811867293

                                    by Jane Wood
                                    The Collector's Guide to Post Cards Cover
                                    ISBN13: 9780891452416
                                    ISBN10: 0891452419

                                    by Mary L Martin
                                    ISBN13: 9780764329098
                                    ISBN10: 076432909x
                                    Postcard Price Guides
                                    These Books Are Offered Through Alibris Booksellers
                                    Who Offer Both New And Used Copies In A Full Range Of Prices
                                    Please Click On The Book Or Title For The Latest Up To Date Pricing & Product Availability

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781885940087
                                    ISBN: 1885940084

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781885940018
                                    ISBN: 1885940017

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781885940063
                                    ISBN: 1885940068

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781566640282
                                    ISBN: 1566640288

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781885940049
                                    ISBN: 1885940041

                                    by J L Mashburn
                                    ISBN-13: 9781885940025
                                    ISBN: 1885940025

                                    by Tony Grant (Photographer), Kim Zeigler, Naomi Welch
                                    ISBN-13: 9780967021225
                                    ISBN: 0967021227