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Individual Show Dealer Listing & Details


IS SET TO BEGIN FRIDAY JULY 7 (Show Hours: 10 AM TO 6 PM Except Tuesday)


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                • The BRIMFIELD PAPER & POSTCARD MARATHON SHOW at Brimfield AcresNorth, 70 Palmer Rd., Rte. 20, Brimfield, Mass. is scheduled to beginFriday July 7th and continue until Saturday July 15th. Weopen at 10 am and close at 6 pm daily (except Tuesday July 11, when weopen at 1 pm in conjuction with the antiques & collectibles show onthe field).

                  As in the past, the number of dealers at the July show is reduced assome of our regulars no longer do July or have conflicts with otherevents. See the list of Participating Dealers that follows.

                  Participating Dealers for the JULY 2017 Show

                  JIM BARILARO(Weymouth, MA) Jim will be bringing Ephemera, Prints, Antique Smalls,Signs, Posters, Books, Trade Cards, Advertising Items, Souvenir China,Postcards and more.

                  HARRIS & JAYNE GRAY(Brookfield, MA "Gray's Supplies") - Collector & Dealer Supplies,Large Stock of New England Views, and many boxes of topicals.

                  JOSE & AIDA RODRIGUEZ & OVE BRASKERUD(Cheshire, CT The Cartophilians) - Postcards, Trade Cards, PostalHistory, Advertising Covers, Billheads, Prints, Stereoviews,Photographs in all size Formats and all kinds of Printed Ephemera. Alarge assortment of Postcard Reference Books for Collectors will beavailable for sale.

                  The Cartophilians will be expanding to several additional booth areasat the July Show and will have a large booth with books of all types,an extensive selection of medical ephemera, a whole new table of"bargain boxes", many new arrival state views and topical cards,photographs, hundreds of postal history covers, 3 new large albums ofsets, and misc. new ephemera not at Brimfield in May or at other shows.

                  PAM APKARIAN-RUSSELL & CHRIS RUSSELL(Altoona, PA Castle Halloween) � Pam The Halloween Queen� & Chriswere with us in May and will return this July and have booked a doublebooth. They will be bringing all their postcards plus several boxes ofnew arrivals for the July show. In addition they will have books,posters, advertising items, art works, toys and all sorts ofcollectibles.

                  DON SCHIMKE(Hadley, MA Schimke-White Antiques) - Postcards, Ephemera,Collectible Smalls, Framed prints and photographs, Magazines etc. Thereare always nice surprises at Don's booth.

                  STEPHEN SMITH(Fair Haven, VT "Foundation Antiques") Vintage Postcards, Jewelry,Silver, Antique Smalls, Advertising Signs, Magazines and all kinds ofPaper Ephemera.

                  Remember, Tuesday, July 11, is Field Show Day at Brimfield Acres North.Our Postcard & Ephemera Center will open at 1 pm in conjunctionwith the Field hours. There is a Field admission charge on Tuesday andparking is available on a fee basis at parking lots throughout Brimfield but not on ourfield. Several hundred antiques & collectibles dealers will be setup at Brimfield Acres North on Tuesday July 11th for the one dayoutdoor show. Other fields in Brimfield start opening at dawn onTuesday, plus some at 9 am, one at 11 am and finally the show atBrimfield Acres North at 1 pm. Come to Brimfield on the weekend of July7 to July 10 to see us first and later in the week to visit thethousands of dealers on the fields.

                  We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday, July 7 and in the daysthat follow. For any questions, dealer inquiries, etc. contact JoseRodriguez,
                  The Cartophilians, or Jose's cell 203-592-0912.

                  Jose L. Rodriguez
                  Rodriguez Archives LLC
                  d/b/a The Cartophilians
                  422 Highland Ave., Suite C-1
                  P. O. Box 903
                  Cheshire, CT 06410

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