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        1. Seocom Enterprises Unlimited LLC
          Stan Olszewski, Byram, Connecticut - Contact Me
          Select Vintage Ephemera For Sale

          (To See My Full Line Of Ephemera, Including Other Items And Types Not Shown On This Page, Please See My Main Sales Page Here, or just scroll through the Master Index below.)

          Searchable Picture Galleries Of Various Vintage Ephemera For Sale
          Enter Any Search Term In The Field (To Browse All, Just Leave Blank) And Click The Search Button.
          Static browsing listings of all items are located on the individual item specialty pages, just click on any red heading link to jump to it's static listings.
          18th and 19th Century Newspapers
          Select Vintage Letterhead
          Vintage Stock Certificates For Sale.
          Many Marvelous Matchcovers
          Japanese Matchbox Label Album
          Now Available
          Click For Details
          Photos and Related
          (CDV's, Cabinet Cards, Tintypes, Etc.)
          Select Vintage Collectible Books
          Lots Of Luscious Labels
          Fruit Crate Labels, Cigar Box Labels, Other Misc. Labels
          Victorian Trade Cards & Die Cuts
          Vintage Individual Milk Bottle Caps
          And Milk Bottle Cap Sets
          Vintage Cancelled Checks

          Ephemera is defined as transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved. The word derives from the Greek, meaning things lasting no more than a day. Ephemera includes a broad range of minor (and sometimes major) everyday documents intended for one-time or short-term use.

          Examples of ephemera can include various paper items such as postcards, trade cards, letters, photos, etc.