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A Tribute To Dr. John J. Nunes

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                • It is with deep regret that I report the passing of a much respected and loved collector, and a well known show promoter. The irrepressible Dr. John J. Nunes, left us this past weekend, doing one of the things that he loved most, attending a stamp and cover show in Toronto, Canada. Always the consumate professional, but also always willing to help out with the smallest problems, many, many people across this country and beyond its borders have lost a most knowledgable and kind friend. - I will always remember the big grin that awaited me, along with the deep gravely voice booming "Hey, Hey, I got some Ekko's for you today..."

                  John is well known for his Postcard Mania and Cover Mania shows that were held in the Albany, NY area, along with numerous other great shows that he promoted across the country.

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                  John Nunes
                  January 17, 2011

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