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              • Seocom Enterprises Unlimited LLC
                Stan Olszewski, Byram, Connecticut - Contact Me
                Seocom - Select Vintage Milk Bottle Caps / Tops And Milk Bottle Cap Sets Items For Sale

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                                • Save Time & Shipping - Most Images Are Available For Digital Sale Contact Me For Details   Shopping Cart

                                  Select Vintage Milk Bottle Caps / Tops And Milk Bottle Cap Sets Items & Ephemera For Sale

                                  Remember When The Milkman Used To Come Around Early In The Morning And Delivered Milk in Glass Bottles Right To Your Door?

                                  Many more dairy related items and ephemera (non-milk bottle caps) available at my new dairy related ephemera page located Here

                                  Coming Soon - Several Milk Bottle Listings Will Be Added Shortly

                                  Searchable Picture Gallery Of All Milk Bottle Cap Items In Stock
                                  Enter Any Search Term In The Field Below (To See All, Just Leave Blank) And Click Search
                                  Please Note: Not All Individual Milk Bottle Caps Were Scanned In. As There Are Mulitples Of Most Of The Same Individual Caps Available (#'s 1 - 400), Then Only One Cap Was Scanned And That Picture Was Used For The Others Of The Same Type. Multiples of numbers 1 through 400 are usually available. Numbers 401 and up usually have only one available. Please Contact Me before ordering more than one of an item with the same code number.

                                  For Listings Of My Milk Bottle Caps For Sale
                                  Please Click Here

                                  GENERIC / TOPICAL

                                  Please Click Here

                                  UNKNOWN / MAVERICKS

                                  Please Click Here

                                  ALABAMA - (AL)
                                  ALASKA - (AK)
                                  ARIZONA - (AZ)
                                  ARKANSAS - (AR)
                                  CALIFORNIA - (CA)
                                  COLORADO - (CO)
                                  CONNECTICUT - (CT)
                                  DELAWARE - (DE)
                                  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (DC)
                                  FLORIDA - (FL)
                                  GEORGIA - (GA)
                                  HAWAII - (HI)
                                  IDAHO - (ID)
                                  ILLINOIS - (IL)
                                  INDIANA - (IN)
                                  IOWA - (IA)
                                  KANSAS - (KS)
                                  KENTUCKY - (KY)
                                  LOUISIANA - (LA)
                                  MAINE - (ME)
                                  MARYLAND - (MD)
                                  MASSACHUSETTS - (MA)
                                  MICHIGAN - (MI)
                                  MINNESOTA - (MN)
                                  MISSISSIPPI - (MS)
                                  MISSOURI - (MO)
                                  MONTANA - (MT)

                                  Please Click Here

                                  NEBRASKA - (NE)
                                  NEVADA - (NV)
                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE - (NH)
                                  NEW JERSEY - (NJ)
                                  NEW MEXICO - (NM)
                                  NEW YORK - (NY)
                                  NORTH CAROLINA - (NC)
                                  NORTH DAKOTA - (ND)
                                  OHIO - (OH)
                                  OKLAHOMA - (OK)
                                  OREGON - (OR) PENNSYLVANIA - (PA)
                                  RHODE ISLAND - (RI)
                                  SOUTH CAROLINA - (SC)
                                  SOUTH DAKOTA - (SD)
                                  TENNESSEE - (TN)
                                  TEXAS - (TX)
                                  UTAH - (UT)
                                  VERMONT - (VT)
                                  VIRGINIA - (VA)
                                  WASHINGTON - (WA)
                                  WEST VIRGINIA - (WV)
                                  WISCONSIN - (WI)
                                  WYOMING - (WY)
                                  FOREIGN / NON-US

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                                  Bottle cap

                                  Bottle caps are a type of closure used to seal the openings of bottles of many types. They can be small circular pieces of metal, usually steel, with plastic backings, and for plastic bottles a plastic cap is used instead. A bottle cap is typically colorfully decorated with the logo of the brand of beverage. Caps can also be plastic, sometimes with a pour spout. Flip-Top caps like Flapper closures provide controlled dispensing of dry products. Bottle caps for plastic bottles are often made of a different type of plastic than the bottle.

                                  Bottle caps were originally designed to be pressed over and around the top of a glass bottle to grab a small flange on the bottleneck.

                                  The first milk-bottle-capping machine was designed, built, and overall invented by a Polish man named Menachem Wallach.

                                  Milk bottle top

                                  A milk bottle top is a lid to a milk bottle. They are usually colour-coded to show the consumer the different varieties of milk, especially the flavour or fat content. This colour-coding tends to vary between, but is usually consistent within, countries.

                                  (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)