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          2. Seocom Enterprises Unlimited LLC
            Stan Olszewski, Byram, Connecticut Contact Me
            Select Vintage Postcards For Sale

            Combined Shipping Available On Multiple Purchases
            Topical & State View Postcards & Ephemera - General Search
            Select State View Albums & Browsing Boxes
            New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), Maine (ME), And New Hampshire (NH)

            All NY, NJ and PA Cards Can Now Be Searched For By County And/Or Town Name.

            We are currently in the long process of scanning and entering in ALL OF OUR GENERAL, LESS EXPENSIVE, POSTCARD & EPHEMERA STOCK (about 200,000+ items). These will be listed through the search feature, and through the new "browsing by the box" features. So, please stop back and keep checking our progress.

            In the meantime, I have much more in stock not yet listed. Can't find what you are looking for? Please Contact Me.
            Vintage Holiday Postcards Specialty Album
            (For more general type holiday items, please use the general search box above, or click HERE.)
            * Higher End and Specialty *
            New Year, Valentine Day, Easter, Labor Day,
            A huge batch of Halloween,
            Thanksgiving, and Christmas, are now available.
            Along with some very nice (HTL) Hold To Light Santas

            Enter Any Search Term In The Field (To Browse All, Just Leave Blank) And Click The Search Button

            Stan Davidson - Artist Signed Postcard Checklists
            Announcing a brand new, and exciting collaboration between the "Two Stans of the Postcard World". Now available, exclusivly on this website, from this highly respected, and world renowned author.

            HTL or Hold To Light Santas
            These are actual hold to light postcards, with top surface layer cut-outs (as designed), dating from the early 1900's.
            They are very beautiful to view, especially when held up to a light source behind them.

            Select Holiday Postcards
            In addition to the Hold To Light Santas listed above, we will have various other holiday postcards listed here.

            Artist Signed - Harrison Fisher
            Finnish Series No. 30/25
            TPC-346(TOP) - Postcard - Artist Signed - Harrison Fisher (Signed)
            Finnish Series No. 30/25
            Autum's Beauty
            Overall fine condition w/slight corner wear/bumpPostally Used w/address & message

            Additional Keywords:
            postcard, artist signed, (AS),

            Price: $160.00

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            TPC-345(TOP) - Postcard - Artist Signed - Harrison Fisher (Unsigned)
            Finnish Series No. 30/25
            When The Leaves Turn
            Overall fine condition w/slight corner wear/bumpPostally Used w/address & message

            Additional Keywords:
            postcard, artist signed, (AS),

            Price: $160.00

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            Moxie - Postcards & Ephemera
            Now has it's very own page

            Select Postcard Sets
            These are complete sets. If viewing the images, they are larger files, so please allow time to load.

            Krampus and Skull Cards

            Motorcycle Related (RPPC and Other)

            There are many, many more of all ages, types and genres available in stock, please contact me with your want lists.
            All shipments are protected in a well packed, flat rate, priority mail box or via first class mail. Combined Shipping Available On Multiple Purchases.
            Payments accepted via Paypal or money order only. Not responsible for omission of any details in item description.

            Sales pages, are being expanded with more materials and selections on a regular basis. Please check back frequently, and if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact me with your wants, at the email listed below.
            For further information, or to make an offer on any of the items listed, please Contact Me
            Please include Code Number, Short Description, and Price in all correspondence.

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